Garbage disposal review of related literature

Binary logistic regression model of association between solid waste disposal methods and socioeconomic and demographic characteristics of residents. Also termed as hazardous waste. The comparison included several scenarios with recycling and different transport distances. Inabout million kg of high density polyethylene HDPE bottles and million kg of polyethylene terephthalate PET bottles were recycled.

The city has been experiencing an insufficiency of local waste disposal sites and recycling waste materials [ 4 ]. To assess the likelihood that the respondents will adopt good disposal practice of waste in their community, seven explanatory variables were considered: Safe management and disposal of household waste are problems that face some metropolitan cities in Guinea [ 34 ].

Table 4 Collection, transfer and transport of waste: Respondents having no education attainment Results The results indicates that the production of 1 kg of flakes of recycled PET requires a total amount of gross energy that is in the range of between 42 and 55 MJ, depending on whether the process wastes mainly coming from sorting and reprocessing activities were sent or not to the energy recovery.

It includes avoiding waste, reducing waste, reusing recycling waste, recovering waste, waste treatment and waste disposal.


They will be pick it up. Its population was estimated in at 1, with an area of square kilometers [ 11 ]. Recyled plastic mixed with virgin material to retain engineering properties Less virgin material in plastic each cycle Authors attempt to determine optimal number of cycles of mixing reclaimed and virgin material Based on factors such as sale price, value of recovered waste material, raw material cost, production, etc.

Poly lactic acid PLA is an aliphatic polyester made up of lactic acid 2-hydroxy propionic acid building blocks. Polylactic acid is proving to be a viable alternative to petrochemical-based plastics for many applications.

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I found that no education background, income, and female individuals were independently associated with indiscriminate waste disposal. View at Google Scholar J. Management; tshwane method, pca, fa, cca, ca.

The government should then be able to recycle the ones possible and dump the unnecessary wastages in a safe place, away from residential areas.From islands made out of 5,year-old garbage in the Florida Everglades and sophisticated waste-disposal systems in ancient Pakistan to “fatbergs” the size of a city bus in sewers today, What a Waste!

delves into the fascinating, weird, and often disgusting world of garbage, and shows why it’s a Reviews: 5. Pca, fa, cca, ca, da discussion of literature informal. –waste literature review for waste management creative writing syllabus for college management, models of the related literature conducted by.

an independent body should bring together the literature and evidence on the relative since the review was first and foremost a review of the existing literature, coverage will be limited by the availability of evidence, so some areas of The formulation of policy on the management and disposal of waste is an important area of.

WASTE MANAGEMENT WITHIN URBAN AREAS IN UGANDA; A CASE STUDY OF KYAZANGA TOWN COUNCIL, LWENGO DISTRICT. BY. Literature Review Magezi insists that garbage disposal in the urban areas is a real challenge compared to rural Uganda where waste is mostly dumped in open places, gardens and open pits.

REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE. The literature on environmental issues are immense, but dispersed air pollution, solid waste disposal, noise pollution and land hazardous wastes and city life produce a lot of garbage (Down to Earth Report, ).

Waste management (or waste disposal) are the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. This includes the collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste, together with monitoring and regulation of the waste management process.

Garbage disposal review of related literature
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